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About Us

Our Organization is formed with the objective of saving water by offering an Organized way of Waterless Car Washing- Cleaning Services unlike any other in India. We use only one Cup of Water ( approximately 100Ml) to clean one Car

Currently we are rendering our services at Bangalore and Chennai and will be expanding to the other cities in the coming period.

We provide Hassle Free Service at your doorstep with quality workmanship on Monthly subscription by using Bio-Degradable and Eco Friendly car wash products.

This is a small step towards a better future by Saving Water for our future generations

Everything we do is focused on providing best quality Waterless Car Wash and Car Sanitization Service to our customers.

Give us a ring @ 08296232266 and be a part of this revolutionary step towards a green and clean ecosystem.

Mission and Vision

A waterless car wash is a relatively recent advance in the field of car care. It uses advanced products that remove dirt and dust from your car with little or no water needed. This allows you or your car detailer to get your car sparkling clean in a small space and without washing harsh chemicals into the drains.

Waterless car wash products lubricate the surfaces of the car so that dirt and other substances slip away without doing any damage. This makes them environmentally friendly and far more effective than the old way of washing your car

How does it Work?

The products used for a water less car spray contain Bio-Degradable substances that encapsulate dirt and dust particles. This is more effective than using water to remove them and it helps you avoid problems like water spots and other water related damage.

The Takeaway

With all the concern about being environmentally friendly, waterless car washes are probably the way of the future. The technologies used for this type of car detailing are rapidly upgrading and soon, car washes with water will probably be hard to find!

It Saves your time Plus the money

  • To Build an Ethical & Organized Sector of Water-less Car Cleaning services across India.
  • Water Savior for the millennial generation is the value that we uphold.

Team Management


Trusted and Experienced Professionals

We have a well trained team with verified background checks, 100% accountable for service quality.


Real-Time Support

We have a professional team providing service to apartments in Bengaluru and Chennai so that you get the best service from start to finish.


Convenient and Fast

We provide you with quick, high quality, eco-friendly, waterless and best car wash services at your location.


Latest Technology

Our crew uses latest waterless technologies, equipment and Anti-bacterial cloth powered by active Nano silver, which eliminates 99.99 % bacteria on each wipe from any surface and can be used on all automobile surfaces.