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Waterless car wash over normal car wash

Amid the COVID-19 Situation, car washing providers have also been using different kinds of disinfectant spray solution, anti-bacterial foam, as well as AC sanitizer for ensuring no infection, is spread in your car vehicle. You can rely on us in this regard. Their disinfectant spray and sanitizing materials kill 99.99% Virus and Bacteria, along with eliminating odour-causing bacteria. Once they get your car, then they make sure it gets properly washed, cleaned and sanitized. 

The expert of waterless car wash providers, dedicated and industrious staffs provide various car cleaning services to you such as Dry Wash, Glass Cleaning, Tyre Dressing, Dashboard Cleaning, Engine Dressing and Interior Vacuum Cleaning. Except these, they are also efficient at providing unique and specific car washing services in accordance with the need of yours.

Environmental impact by waterless car wash method

Hose and bucket wash
• Production and transportation of chemicals -> distributor -> retail store -> consumer
• 80 - 140 gallons of water per wash (data from the International Car Wash Association)
• Discharge of soapy suds, brake dust and car oils into environment
• Water sanitation costs and energy
• Disposal of packaging

Commercial car wash
• Production and transportation of chemicals -> distributor -> car wash facility
• Disposal of packaging (drums)
• 45 gallons of water per wash
• Energy required to run equipment and reclaim water
• Fixed sites impact on the land

Waterless car wash
• Production and transportation of chemicals -> distributor -> retail store -> consumer
• 4 - 6 oz of waterless car wash formula used per car
• Disposal of packaging

Their amazing waterless car washing solutions take care of all the parts of your car from the exterior body to interior components. Their pain protection and scratch-free cleaning services make sure that your car stays at perfect condition after the wash. They provide daily car washing at your doorstep. The costs and charges are reasonable and affordable. If you want to have value for money but a high-quality car wash service, then you need to visit Onecup onecar as soon as possible.